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Alphabit Digital Currency Fund investerer i Stratis-protokollen

Stratis ‚innovative blockchain-løsninger har tiltrukket sig opmærksomheden fra den digitale aktivinvesteringsfond Alphabit, som har injiceret en indledende investering, mens de forpligter sig til en yderligere 8-cifret investering i løbet af de næste 24 måneder til vækst og udvikling af BaaS-økosystemet.

1. februar 2020, London, Storbritannien – Blockchain-as-a-Service-udbyder Stratis gør decentraliseret adoption lettere for ethvert firma med sine innovative produkter, der er designet til at passe problemfrit med ældre operationer ved at give virksomheder adgang til Stratis-blockchain via det bred- brugte programmeringssprog C #.

Platformen kører smidigt smarte kontrakter og flere sidekæder og huser en ICO-platform i fuld skala

Alphabit – en AUM-fond på en milliard dollar og en af verdens første regulerede digitale aktiver investeringsfonde med fokus på at levere nøglefærdige løsninger og hjælpe projekter med end-to-end partnerskaber – indgår i denne satsning for hurtigt at skalere Stratis ‚udvikling og hjælpe med at implementere banebrydende produkter, der giver almindelige organisationer mulighed for at bruge blockchain i deres daglige drift. En sådan betydelig forpligtelse fra Alphabit er et bevis på den banebrydende tilgang til Stratis tilbud.

Alphabit CEO Liam Robertson kommenterede partnerskabet:

“Stratis-protokollen passer efter analyse pænt ind i vores investeringsafhandling, og vi mener, at vækstpotentialet for Stratis kan være eksponentielt. Vi er glade for at byde Stratis velkommen i vores portefølje og ser frem til at støtte dem i de kommende måneder og år. ”

Stratis CEO Chris Trew sagde følgende:

”Vi er begejstrede for at samarbejde med Alphabit, en af verdens første regulerede investeringsfonde for digitale aktiver. Alphabits oprindelige indsprøjtning sammen med deres yderligere investeringsforpligtelse vil utvivlsomt hjælpe med at fremskynde vedtagelsen af Stratis Technologies, samtidig med at Stratis cementeres som go-to-platformen for Microsoft .NET Blockchain-udvikling.

Med Alphabits ekspertise og opbakning får Stratis beføjelse til at udvikle stadig bedre løsninger til markedet mellem virksomheder og virksomheder. Sammen med sin C # support vil Stratis ‚løsninger øge indbyggningen af blockchain-løsninger på det globale marked.

Selon Willy Woo, analyste de la chaîne de télévision, la valeur du bitcoin pourrait dépasser 300 000 dollars cette année

Le taureau Bitcoin et l’analyste Willy Woo expliquent pourquoi il pense que la course au taureau de la principale devise cryptographique ne fait que commencer.

Dans une nouvelle interview sur le podcast Unchained avec Laura Shin, Woo déclare que selon son modèle Bitcoin Top Cap, la principale cryptocouronne devrait atteindre un prix à six chiffres.

Le modèle Top Cap est un mécanisme de prédiction des prix basé sur des moyennes mobiles.

„Essentiellement, le modèle Top Cap est un modèle qui utilise la théorie de la réversion des moyennes. Et en langage simple, cela signifie que c’est une théorie selon laquelle le prix d’un actif revient toujours à la moyenne à long terme de l’ensemble de l’histoire…

Nous ne savons pas comment il [Bitcoin] sera commercialisé au cours des 12 prochains mois. Mais vous pouvez l’évaluer à partir des mouvements historiques du prix du bitcoin fortune et deviner où va l’arc…

Si nous ne faisons pas d’arc vers le haut et que nous supposons que le sommet du marché haussier se situe vers le mois de décembre de cette année. Ce qui, vous le savez, est une estimation juste car tous les sommets du marché haussier des deux derniers cycles ont été atteints autour de décembre, juste avant la saison fiscale. Nous allons dépasser les 100 000 dollars, même si ce chiffre ne monte pas en flèche. Si nous montons et que nous atteignons 200 000 à 300 000 dollars… de manière prudente, je veux dire. Étant donné la taille de ce rallye, ça va le pousser plus haut.“

L’analyste de la chaîne dit que cet objectif pourrait être atteint d’ici décembre de cette année. La monnaie phare de la cryptologie devrait s’apprécier d’environ 700% avant la fin de 2021 pour atteindre l’objectif de prix supérieur de Woo.

Woo ajoute que le modèle Top Cap de Bitcoin a fonctionné pendant toute la décennie – plus de dix ans que la plus ancienne cryptocouronne a existé. Il attribue la prévisibilité aux caractéristiques codées en dur de Bitcoin.

„Je pense que c’est peut-être parce que Bitcoin est une machine. C’est très mécanique, c’est un durcissement par réglage. L’offre et la demande sont relativement constantes pendant les 12 ans.“

EOS price falls amid Dan Larimer’s departure from

EOS founder Daniel Larimer has stepped down as chief technology officer of blockchain start-up He made the announcement in a publication on

The developer stressed that he no longer believes in providing „freedom as a service“.

„I will focus on creating tools that allow people Bitcoin Up to protect their freedoms.“

The decision took effect back on 31 December 2020.

Amid the announcement, the price of EOS fell 15% to around $3.

Larimer developed the Delegated Proof-Of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm and Graphene technology. He was behind the Steem, Bitshares and EOS projects.

Larimer has been criticized by users for his habit of abandoning his own projects after crowdsales.
Recall that last May a class action lawsuit was filed against and Dan Larimer in the US. The plaintiffs accused the defendants of providing false information and conducting an unregistered sale of securities. launched the social network ahead of schedule in July – but only US residents had early access.

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Extremely bullish for BTC: 3 bold US dollar forecasts highlight Bitcoin’s potential

The US dollar is expected to continue its downtrend through 2021 as the Democrats take control of Congress.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency traded inversely to the greenback, has hit new record highs above $ 40,000 – more than double its December 2017 high

Many observers agree that the dollar would be fine in 2021, given its supposed ability to handle inflation caused by the US government’s expansive fiscal stimulus to people.

„It makes a certain sense to me,“ former Fed Governor Kevin Warsh told CNBC about Bitcoin’s bull run. „The dollar is getting weaker, and after the overnight elections I would expect the dollar to continue weakening against a large basket of currencies.“

The narrative is as follows: Bitcoin Revolution app comes with a pre-defined upper supply limit of 21 million, with supply being reduced by half after four years. In the meantime, the US dollar has no defined upper supply limit.

The Federal Reserve can print it indefinitely, which effectively reduces its purchasing power in the long run. Assets like bitcoin tend to protect investors from fiat devaluation.

The big bitcoin boom

In 2020, Bitcoin’s anti-dollar narrative took off in institutional circles.

When the U.S. government increased spending to help people through the coronavirus pandemic and the Fed cut its base rate to near zero, the dollar fell more than 12 percent from its annual high. That prompted investors to buy Bitcoin (get in too? How to buy Bitcoins with Sofortüberweisung instructions) to move their cash reserves, which ended the year up nearly 300 percent.

The year 2021 offers a similar outlook for both the dollar and bitcoin. Mr. Biden’s win this week has made mainstream analysts more bearish for the greenback.

The president-elect is hoping to increase the $ 900 billion stimulus package, which raises expectations for further inflation.

A clean blue sweep in Congress is „clearly negative for the dollar and reinforces our view of further depreciation in 2021,“ Derek Halpenny, head of research for Emea Global Markets at MUFG Bank, told the FT, adding that they are now expect the greenback to fall more than previously estimated.

In the meantime, the Fed wants to keep interest rates close to zero for the next few years – or until they push inflation above 2 percent. That includes their commitment to buy $ 120 billion worth of government and corporate bonds every month. That means more pressure on the US dollar.

Fiat competition

The bearish bias is also likely to strengthen as foreign currencies perform better amid a global economic recovery. At Goldman Sachs, analysts say investor demand for non-American assets would depreciate the dollar by at least 5 percent from its current level.

„The dollar remains near its cycle high with plenty of room for a multi-year downtrend,“ said Gurpreet Gill, a strategist at Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

All in all, Bitcoin could benefit from the dollar’s downtrend – just as it has been since March.

Institutional investors such as Paul Tudor Jones, Scott Minerd, and Stan Druckermiller have already allocated part of their multi-billion dollar portfolios to cryptocurrency. In the meantime, companies like MicroStrategy, MassMutual, Ruffer Investments and Square have bought Bitcoin for risk hedging.

Firecracker ban? Bitcoin (BTC) ignites price fireworks

Despite the subdued New Year’s mood, Bitcoin is already popping the champagne corks and laying down the cards for a promising 2021.

On the home stretch to the US $ 30,000 mark, the Bitcoin price (BTC) is doing a hasty year-end rally. With an increase of 4.4 percent in the last 24 hours, the largest cryptocurrency was quoted at 27,986 US dollars at the time of going to press, and thus only a few meters away from the milestone. If Bitcoin breaks through the next higher resistance at $ 29,726, a direct rise above the ten-thousand mark is only a matter of form.

To the crypto compass magazine

Even if Bitcoin should initially bounce off the resistance, the preliminary year-end balance is more than impressive. As a reminder, Bitcoin only started the new decade just over $ 7,000. Almost 12 months later, the digital currency posted an annual increase of around 280 percent. In 2020, the key crypto currency clearly demonstrated its immense potential and set the schedule for the coming year. Because both at the network level and with a view to market trends such as the increasing demand among large investors, the signs point to growth in 2021 as well.

Bitcoin shortage

The fact that the limited BTC supply is gradually becoming scarce has been an open secret, at least since the major purchases by institutional investors. Alone on the account so illustrious buyers such as asset managers Grayscale, software company MicroStrategy or payment service Square go according bitcointreasuriesin total already around 5.5 percent of the total amount in circulation. Payment giant PayPal has also been involved in the market since the introduction of BTC integration into the payment app and is already buying more Bitcoin than new ones are being added .

Even laypeople can see that the market is seething. The BTC demand of institutional investors exceeds the supply newly generated by miners. In addition, there are all the small investors who, in turn, are generating increased demand. As a result, the available supply volume is gradually shrinking, which drives the price up if demand continues to be high.

BTC melt

This correlation becomes particularly clear when looking at the declining Bitcoin reserves of the major trading centers. Stock exchanges have fallen by around 20 percent since March and there is no end to this trend in sight.

Rede Switcheo – Entenda como funciona o Zilswap

Zilswap é um protocolo descentralizado que permite aos usuários trocar tokens ZRC-2 no Zilliqa.

Em nosso artigo anterior desta série, explicamos como você pode apostar na Switcheo Exchange.

Neste artigo, vamos nos concentrar no produto ZilSwap suportado pela rede

A Rede Switcheo permite a troca de tokens Bitcoin Formula. Você também pode fornecer liquidez em um pool existente ou criar um novo pool. O protocolo Zilswap suportado pela Rede Switcheo é um protocolo totalmente descentralizado que permite aos usuários trocar tokens ZRC-2 no Zilliqa .

O Zilswap usa um Criador de Mercado Autônomo (AMM) baseado na Fórmula de Produto Constante (x * y = k) proposta pela primeira vez por Vitalik Buterin .

A atividade de swap é feita contra os pools de liquidez e as transações podem ser feitas completamente on-chain.

Para usar o Zilswap, acesse a página da plataforma .

A plataforma permite que você se conecte a dois tipos de carteiras:

Se você é um novo usuário, você pode baixar a carteira Zilpay usando o link acima.

Zilpay é uma extensão do Google Chrome. Para instalá-lo, vá para esta página .

Clique em Adicionar ao Chrome e Zilpay é adicionado à extensão do navegador.

Clique no ícone Zilpay. Ele lhe dará duas opções para configurar a carteira .

Se você for um novo usuário, clique em Criar

Ele mostrará uma frase de backup de 12 palavras que você precisa armazenar com segurança.

O aplicativo solicitará que você verifique a frase de backup. Depois de verificado, ele solicitará que você defina a senha da conta. Faça isso e pronto.

Bitcoin kommer sannolikt att testa höjningar när tjurar raderar gårdagens förluster

Bitcoin ser en viss enorm styrka idag när priset går igenom $ 15.000 igen

Kryptovalutan har kämpat för att hålla sig över denna nivå efter att den mött ett intensivt inflöde av försäljningspress på $ 16.000
Avvisandet här var dock inte så intensivt, eftersom Bitcoin Loophole senaste tillbakadragning var kortvarig och följt av enorma uppåtriktningar
Var det trender nästa beror sannolikt till stor del på hur starkt stöd tjurar kan bygga till $ 15.000
Om den bryter under denna nivå igen kan det indikera att en trendförändring är nära förestående
En väl respekterad näringsidkare noterar nu att han ser efter ett steg till $ 15 600 på kort sikt, och förväntar sig också att altcoins kommer att se ytterligare styrka

Bitcoin och den aggregerade kryptovalutamarknaden ökar högre idag, med BTC som leder vägen efter sin återhämtning från låga priser på 14 400 $ som var högst upp på den senaste försäljningen.

Köpare köper aggressivt varje dopp som krypton står inför, ett tecken på att tjurar har full kontroll över utsikterna.

Var det trender på medellång sikt kan bero till stor del på huruvida tjurar kan bygga stöd till 15 000 dollar eller antingen starta en konsolideringsfas eller skjuta det över 16 000 dollar.

En näringsidkare noterar att han förväntar sig att ytterligare uppåt kommer att inträffa under de kommande dagarna och veckorna.
Bitcoin visar tecken på styrka när köpare absorberar senaste Selloff

I skrivande stund handlas Bitcoin upp med över 3% till sitt nuvarande pris på $ 15 300, vilket är runt det pris som det har handlats under de senaste dagarna.

Igår försökte björnar bryta denna stabilitet när de pressade priset till 14 400 dollar, med stödet här tillräckligt viktigt för att utlösa en nästan omedelbar rebound som ledde den upp till den plats där den för närvarande handlar.

Det finns en stark möjlighet att denna rebound markerar början på kryptos nästa ben högre.

Analystkrav flyttar högre är överhängande efter BTC-rebound

En legendarisk pseudonym handlare förklarade i en tweet nyligen att han förväntar sig att Bitcoin testar sin leveransregion till $ 15 600 innan han gör något seriöst steg högre.

”Jag kommer att hålla den här korta, tror att vi testar om utbudet på 15,6 000 innan någon större flytt på BTC. Altcoins rör sig ganska mycket mer som ett högre beta-spel när bitcoin svalnar lite. ”

De kommande dagarna borde ge insikt i betydelsen av den här senaste Bitcoin-returen.

BTC and Biden supply grip: 5 things to watch at Bitcoin this week

Bitcoin prepares for battle at the beginning of a Democratic transition in the United States and with the coronavirus spreading lockdowns elsewhere.

Bitcoin (BTC) is beginning what is likely to be a busy week for the markets as the United States begins its two-month presidential transition.

Bitcoin continues to rise and reaches a new record price of $15,950 in 2020.

After Joe Biden was declared the likely winner of the U.S. presidential elections over the weekend, Bitcoin fell, but managed to avoid major losses – what next?

The Cointelegraph analyzes the factors that should influence BTC’s price activity next week.
US electoral frenzy begins to hurt

Attention remains firmly fixed in Washington as the outcome of a highly controversial election begins to unfold.

Experts warned that market volatility was by no means guaranteed after the result was released. As this occurred over the weekend, the opening of Wall Street on Monday is a source of interest for market participants.

Bitcoin has last major hurdle before facing a maximum of $20,000

Until the moment of writing this article, Japan was leading the gains, with its stock market reaching the highest in 29 years in what the press is calling the „Biden jump“.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, stopped before continuing last week’s gains and reached US$ 14,400 – US$ 1,590 below its recent peak. Since then, the BTC/USD has recovered considerably, turning around US$ 15,250 at the time of writing on Monday.
BTC/USD daily chart.

Acting President Donald Trump has pledged to challenge the vote count and may still cause more problems for Biden, leading to confusion over policy, which could still shake market sentiment.

Removing the lens, however, analysts often argue that in the long run, Bitcoin and gold as protective assets will ultimately win the election, regardless of which candidate leads the US in the future. The reason, among other things, is inflation.

As the Cointelegraph reported last week, a speech by Jerome Powell, president of the Federal Reserve, called for more financial stimulus to enter the U.S. economy, increasing debt and degrading the dollar.

„Bitcoin is the dominant crypto network – designed to host the ideal protection asset and preserve monetary power for long periods of time without loss of power,“ summarized Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, in a tweet on Monday.

„This makes #BTC the solution to all investors‘ value reserve problem. Few understand. ”

Coronavirus chaos strangles Europe

Accompanying the electoral repercussions is the continuing turbulence in the management of Coronavirus by nation states.

Europe and the US have recently diverged on this issue, with the former succumbing to a wave of new lockdown measures that have met with considerable resistance from the population.

After showing optimistic recovery statistics for the third quarter, many governments will soon draw another, absolutely less interesting picture of their economies for the fourth quarter as economic activity plunges for the second time in 2020.

This opens up the possibility of history repeating itself for the Bitcoiners. After the asset crash in March and the first lockdowns, the Bitcoin recovered from $3,600 to a five-digit circle in less than two months.

While the governments themselves repeated the controversial responses to the virus, analysts already predicted a strong year for Bitcoin in 2021. Among them, as reported by Cointelegraph, Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal and Gemini fellowship co-founder Tyler Winklevoss predicted a new all-time record for BTC in the first quarter of next year.
Fear & Greed Index reaches dangerous zone

In terms of current investor sentiment, however, warning signs are ringing as Bitcoin remains above $15,000.

According to the Crypto Fear & Greed Index, which measures market sentiment using a basket of factors, a correction is more than overdue.

Compiled as a score of 100, the Index reached its highest reading since June 2019 on Monday – the moment Bitcoin circulated its annual highs of $13,800.

For comparison, two weeks ago the Index measured below 60 – firmly ’neutral‘ territory – before the last price rose the sentiment.

The closer the score is to 100, the more likely it is that the market will correct itself thanks to a wave of sales, pulling the price down.
Historical Crypto Fear & Greed Index chart. Source: Alt

Iran’s central bank soon to be a bitcoin whale?

The Iranian leadership will in future allow international payment transactions with Bitcoin in order to circumvent sanctions. The central bank should also soon have a good amount of BTC on its books.

Money is a weapon and the US is masters of it. Since the United States of America de facto excluded Iran from international payments, the Islamic Republic has been doing worse and worse.

We remind us:

In November 2018, the payment messaging network SWIFT took Iranian banks offline at the instigation of the USA . Since then, imports and exports have hardly been possible, as they can only be paid for with great difficulty. The move was very successful as an economic sanction against Iran; In the end, political interests can be implemented quite effectively through the financial channels.

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The Bitcoin community sensed a scandal back then. Ultimately, the US sanctioned the Iranian people, who suffer from such sanctions. Bitcoiners meanwhile stand for the neutrality of money. Money should work, do its job, but not satisfy political conduct like that of the United States.

Bitcoin: a neutral, monetary medium

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are exactly that. A neutral, monetary medium that is not subject to any institution except its users. The leadership of crisis-ridden Iran seems to have understood this fact. There is no other explanation for the fact that both the government and the central bank of the Near Eastern state have passed a bill that allows traders to use Bitcoin to import goods.

Because like Iran Daily reports, „The government changed its regulations on cryptocurrencies to allow them to be used to finance imports.“ Specifically, this means that the central bank acts as a kind of middleman who passes on mined BTC to importers. They can then use the coins to reward trading partners outside the country’s borders.

The move is a bang and has generated a corresponding response in the community. Finally, the message implies that the monetary authorities of the Islamic Republic will soon have BTC on their balance sheets.

BTC acceptance and game theory

This is exactly the scenario that game theory suggests. On the global plaything, there are states whose sovereignty is threatened by Bitcoin – such as the USA as the issuer of the world reserve currency – and those that benefit from the acceptance of the cryptocurrency. Especially when it happens before anyone else. The latter include marginalized countries like Iran. From the point of view of the decision-makers, it is therefore all too understandable why such a decision was made.

The relationship between BTC and Iran has so far been characterized by mistrust. After it became known that Bitcoin miners were converting subsidized electricity into satoshis, the authorities shut down several crypto mines. Mining has been legal since July 2019 . However, the regulatory environment is still uncertain. However, the industry could certainly pick up speed with the latest developments. With the central bank, miners have at least one buyer for mined coins who does not lack liquidity.

Square was just the tip of the iceberg – on-chain data shows institutions are piling up Bitcoin

Square’s decision to buy Bitcoin and keep it in reserve has delighted the crypto community.

The decision was made after MicroStrategy made a similar investment a few months ago, albeit on a larger scale.

If this trend gains momentum while the dollar continues to experience unprecedented inflation, it could be a catalyst for a massive BTC rebound

The importance of this fact shouldn’t be underestimated – and the data also seems to suggest that Square may just be the „tip of the iceberg.“

The data on the chain seems to suggest that a myriad of other large, unannounced investors (and possibly companies) are currently in full Bitcoin Era accumulation mode.

Bitcoin is currently expressing some notable signs of strength as its price has overcome major resistance in the region below $ 11,000.

It is important to note that the selling pressure has been quite intense here and could result in a disadvantage if the bulls are unable to maintain momentum.

This is not an ordinary rally, however, as the price is being driven by BTC in the hope that the cryptocurrency will continue to be adopted by companies as a reserve currency.

A well-respected on-chain analyst notes that MicroStrategy and Square are just the „tip of the iceberg“ – pointing to on-chain data suggesting that other major investors have pushed BTC up at a rapid pace.

Bitcoin is experiencing a remarkable boom

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading well over $ 11,000, marking a remarkable rebound from the recent lows of $ 10,600 that were set just a few days ago.

BTC has been consolidating lately, with cryptocurrency barely gaining momentum due to declining news regarding the CFTC’s persecution of the co-founders of BitMEX.

However, yesterday’s news from Square managed to bring the trend back into the bulls‘ favor.

Data: Square and MicroStrategy are just the beginning

Prominent on-chain analyst Willy Woo writes in a tweet that Square and MicroStrategy are likely not the only companies currently accumulating Bitcoin .

Pointing out the massive reduction in spot BTC available on the exchanges, he notes that the collective buying by the above two companies is only a small fraction of the total supply reduction that has been seen lately.

“The purchase of 4,709 BTC by Square and 38,250 BTC by Microstrategy is the tip of the iceberg. In the past 8 months, speculative stocks on the exchanges have been reduced by 250,000 BTC, suggesting that many other * unannounced * investors have withdrawn coins from the market. “

If another publicly traded company makes a similar announcement, it may officially be considered a trend and could become a catalyst for serious growth.